FOOD DIARIES: Stassen Tea Lounge Oman

🔹 A few weeks back me along with my friends Sangeetha, Charishma & Binny went to try some freshly brewed tea at the newly opened Stassen Tea Lounge, Al Falaj Hotel, Muscat

🔹 Stassen tea lounge caters to you a variety of Ceylon Tea, some the traditional way and some in a innovative way.

🔹 We all are tea lovers and this was indeed nothing less than a paradise for us.

🔹 We ordered 3 types of tea – 1 cold (Tea Mocktail) and 2 warm (Chai Spice – Black Tea and Ginger Tea – with Milk) and to go with it some really delicious Raspberry Rollup cake and Baked Cheesecake.

🔹 Not only this Stassen caters to you a scrumptious variety of savoury items and Tea Flavoured Ice Creams !

🔹 It was indeed a delicious experience. Be sure to try it out

🔹 You would just drool seeing the pictures below 😋 😋

Chai Spice Tea
Raspberry Rollup & Baked Cheese Cake
Tea Flavoured Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Cooler and Chai Spice Tea
Ginger Tea
The beautiful spread with tea and desserts

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