Dinner Party at my place

So previous evening I had my friend Shilpi come over for dinner at my place.

So here’s what at me and mom prepared for her:

Our Classic Spicy and Tangy Potatoes
  • There isn’t any dinner or lunch party complete without our spicy, tangy potatoes

  • It’s a classic dish that we prepare at almost every parties and has been a winner till date.

Sweet and Spicy Chickpea Salad with Doritos
  • Our very own chickpea salad with tamarind and jaggery dressing and topped with Dorito chips for crispiness.

Chana Dal (Split Bengal Gram) Masala
  • Dal is a staple to Indian Food, a meal is incomplete without Dal.

  • We prepared Chana Dal Masala which had a tomato base.

Foil Chicken Masala
  • Traditionally foil chicken is served as a starter wrapped in aluminium foil

  • We turned the same recipe into a main with more gravy.

  • It’s mildly spiced but extremely delicious.

  • All of the above can be had with Rotis or Rice.


Classic Tiramisu
  • Last but definitely not the least Classic Tiramisu for dessert.

  • I personally love Tiramisu.

  • It’s light, creamy, having the yummy subtle coffee flavour and decadent.

The layers of cream and biscuit

A simple yet amazing dinner party with my lovely friend. Share in you’re dinner party ideas and moments with me. And be sure to comment them below.



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