My Roti: Indie Eating

Another lazy late afternoon we wanted to eat something light and tasty. So after discussion we zeroed at eating at a newly opened restaurant “MY ROTI” which serves fresh and healthy Indian Food !

At first as we entered the restaurant had really good interiors and a lovely ambience. We were welcomed by a staff member who explained us as to how we can place our order.

So we need to first check which Roti or flatbread we would like out of the three options:

  1. Gluten-free

  2. Spinach or

  3. Whole wheat

Secondly we need to choose what filling we would like. There were a couple of options and my friend and I chose Non Vegetarian: 

  1. Chicken Lite 

  2. Chicken Tikka

Then we were asked if we would like some condiments, sides, drinks or Kulfi with our meal.

We chose to have the Roasted Garlic Butter as condiment, and Passion Fruit Kulfi & Mango-Ginger Kulfi.

Our order arrived quite quickly. I must comment about the service which was commendable.

unnamed (1)
Chicken Lite Roti with Roasted Garlic Mayo & Chicken Tikka
  • For the price quoted the size of Roti was quite long in size and had enough filling in it to fill up your tummy.

  • Size and portion was just good but the problem that we felt was after taking a bite and two, though there was a good amount of chicken it tasted really dry and bit bland.

  • This was the same with my friend who had ordered Chicken Lite. There was indeed something missing that made it dry.

  • That was one thing that led to disappointment.

  • We were expecting an explosion of flavours but  it didn’t really meet our expectations.

  • Also it would have been nice if they would introduce combo meals rather than ordering each item separately.


Passion Fruit Kulfi & Mango-Ginger Kulfi
  • So once we were done with our meal it was time to dig into the Kulfi.
  • I was a bit disappointed with the size of the Kulfi as compared to it’s pricing.
  • It was a bit over priced.
  • I really enjoyed the Passion Fruit Kulfi. It was creamy, subtle had really good passion fruit flavor and the crunch of the fruit seeds.
  • The Mango-Ginger Kulfi was also good but the ginger was a bit overpowering.
  • Could not really taste the Kulfi much due to the overpowering ginger taste.


In conclusion, I would just say the food needs a bit of an improvement apart from that the service, ambience is fantastic. It’s indeed a good hangout spot but adding combo meals or just taking care of the fillings will make it a better place. There is always room for improvement.

Rating: 5.5/10


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