Simply 101 Parathas

Last weekend we went to try this new joint in the city called the 101 Parathas. But before I get into the details of what we ordered and how was it, a quick info on what are parathas.

Well parathas are stuffed flat breads, thicker and bigger as compared to the normal Indian flat bread. It’s a staple to the Northern parts of India specially Punjab and Delhi and also Pakistan.

Parathas can be stuffed with a lot of ingredients, It can be meat, chicken or your normal veggies.

So that was a bit of know how about what actually are Parathas. So lets get back to 101 Paratha Joint in MBD, Muscat !

First of all it’s quite a spacious restaurant with a good positive ambience and plenty of seating. Making sure the customer feels comfortable so yes that’s a plus point.

We had been given the menu and yes to my surprise it did live up to it’s name. There were quite a good variety of Parathas  and it does put you in a second thought as to what to order.

So we ordered: 

unnamed (4)

Aloo (Potato) Bhujia Paratha

  • Aloo (Potato) Bhujia Paratha – Had a really good filling in it of the potato and delicious spices. Tangy, mild spicy it had everything to it.

  • So each portion of paratha comes with pickle, Daal or Chole Masala and Yoghurt Dip. Which is indeed quite good and enough to fill up your stomach.

  • I must appreciate the quantity. For the price quoted the quantity is remarkable and excellent.

Additionally we also ordered Hara Bhara Paratha (Mixed Green Leafy Veggies) and Chicken Keema Paratha (Chicken Mince) which we parceled as I said the quantity is enough to fill you up.

But yes these two parathas were equally good with enough filling and we had the Chole (Chickpea) Masala with it that added to the taste.

If you thought they only serve parathas then you are absolutely wrong !

101 Parathas serves you an amazing variety of starters and main course which includes curries, rice preparations etc.

So here’s what else we ordered:

unnamed (1)

Dahi ke Kabab (Yoghurt Kabab)

  • I’m absolutely a fan of Yoghurt Kababs as they are mildly spiced and so delicious.

  • The kababs were good soft from the inside and had good crisp layer on the outside.

  • My only suggestion would be an inclusion of sweet tamarind chutney which can lift the kabab to another level.

  • But yes they were really good.

unnamed (3)

Murg Anarkali (Chicken Gravy)

  • We ordered Murg Anarkali, Chicken in a rich tomato gravy.

  • I must again appreciate the quantity of gravy that they served.

  • It was rich, spicy and the chicken was juicy and succulent.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed it.

unnamed (2)

Garlic Naan

  • Well in my opinion Chicken Gravy and Garlic Naan are like match made in heaven

  • They go so well together.

  • Yes the naan served was really delicious. Crispy and had the lovely garlic flavour to it.



  • I will absolutely vouch for this restaurant. It’s reasonable, quantity is great and you won’t leave with an empty stomach that’s a sure guarantee. 

  • My rating:  8/10



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