An Exclusive Interview with Chef Kunal Kapur

A few weeks back our very own MasterChef India Judge and one of the most renowned celebrity chefs in India – CHEF KUNAL KAPUR was in town to have a wonderful meet and greet with his fans and also cook up some amazing dishes for all food lovers.

I was really lucky to get my hands on an ‘Exclusive’ Interview with him. Though short but Chef Kunal was truly a gentleman to answer my questions which so much enthusiasm.

So here I bring to you the Short and Sweet Interview with Chef Kunal Kapur !!!

Q. What made you chose the culinary field?

Chef Kunal: My parents wanted me to become a banker and I got my admission in the Delhi University but I wanted to do something different and creative which is why I joined this course of Hotel Management. I really enjoyed cooking and felt it was quite interesting that’s what made me pursue it further.

Q. What advise would you like to give aspiring chefs or amateur home cooks?

Chef Kunal: My personal advise that I would like to give to Chefs, Food bloggers or Food Journalist is that you should spend more time practicing, research more and travel and also at least give 5 years of time on it which will help in improving your skills. Work hard on researching and that’s all you need not worry anymore, you can look up and walk and create your own path.

Q. (A fun question that I asked out of curiosity) Why are most of the chefs from the Northern side of India like Punjab and Delhi ?

Chef Kunal: (Laughs) No its’s not really like that our industry is coming up and it’s just a coincidence that a lot of us happen to be from in and around a certain geography but that isn’t a pattern.

Q. Is it necessary to participate in reality culinary shows to get the required exposure ?

Chef Kunal: Not at all. Television is just one medium and having an excellent restaurant is another. You do not really need to be on TV, there are different ways to shine what you do.

Q. Finally, Will we see Chef Kunal Kapur open his own restaurant in Oman ?

Chef Kunal: In sha Allah (Arabic word meaning God Willing). I am not saying yes at the moment but it is positive. I am trying to establish my own restaurant in Gurgaon, once that is established I would like to explore more places outside India.

In conclusion, it was a wonderful experience meeting and having a word with Chef Kunal. A lovely human being, humble personality and always smiling well that’s the secret of been successful isn’t it ?

Also I received an autographed mug from him and selfies. 

I’d like to also thank Lulu Hypermarket Bowsher Management team for been so supportive and a special thanks to Mr. Gurpreet for giving me this opportunity !

Autographed mug by Chef Kunal

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